Since earning my degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, I have spent my entire career creating content and telling stories. To me, storytelling is an awesome experience, incorporating individual and collaborative elements to produce something meaningful and valuable. 

Marketing Deliverables

This section contains a number of deliverables I either created directly, or helped provide direction for.

Company Blogs

In this section, you will find examples of blogs I have written for my previous companies. These blogs included keyword research and are written for SEO.

Global Logistics Management: Why Shippers Should Be Using Custom Views

There's a lot of excitement that comes with managing global logistics. But even with that excitement, there are some areas within that process that can be optimized to make your day-to-day just a little bit easier. Supply chain professionals who have brought their management online know the power of modernizing their workflows.

And with this modernizing, one specific tool can help reduce the noise and keep everyone on the same page: custom views.

Why Should I Modernize My Global Logistics Oper

6 Ways to Manage Demurrage and Detention

Staying on top of this spread of communications can be time-consuming and prone to gaps. One of the most important things a logistics team can do is to bring their operations online. One huge benefit: centralization of communication.

For instance, prior to loading your cargo, if you know of any limitations in retrieving containers, warehouse capacity constraints, or changes in volume, it’s important for importers to notify their freight forwarders of these circumstances. This will allow operati

Email Marketing Best Practices for Better Deliverability and More Revenue

New year, new list! Sort of. For eCommerce retailers, one email marketing best practice they should implement at the beginning of the year is a list clean. And with a reengagement campaign, you can actually help sweep away bad email addresses AND generate revenue.

What eCommerce retailer wouldn’t want to start the new year with working on a couple goals right off the bat: higher deliverability and more revenue.

One thing we want to make abundantly clear: never ever purchase a list of email add

Best Email Subject Lines - Tips and Examples to Increase Your Engagement Rate

The best email subject lines not only capture the reader’s attention, but give them a legitimate reason to open the message. It’s a setup-payoff scenario, with your subject line setting up an expectation and the body of your email making good on the payoff.

An estimated 300 billion emails crisscross the planet every day, yet as many as half of them are either filtered to spam or sent there by the user before they’re ever opened. That means on average, every other email your brand works hard to

Back to Email Marketing School: 6 Best Practices for Reaching Student Inboxes

After the winter holidays, back-to-school season is the largest revenue driver of the year for email marketing, with about $75 billion of retail spend up for grabs. And it’s not all about the latest backpack or a fresh box of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils — students of all ages are looking forward to a new year of making friends, learning more about the world around them, and discovering who they are as individuals.

The savviest retail marketers will take these motivations into account when designi

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Email Re-Engagement Campaigns

Only you can know the actual numbers from your data, but on average, around 75 percent of an email marketer’s subscriber list is likely inactive. But fortunately for us in the email world, we have win-back campaigns that are specifically geared toward encouraging re-engagement from those subscribers that have seemingly lost interest.

At a high level, the obvious answer is “Those who have become inactive.” But your audience is something you really have to drill down into using all your available


Below are videos that I wrote the scripts for and provided direction on during their creation.

Freelance Writing

Below is a sample of my work from my freelance days at Cracked.com

4 Crucial Rules of End Zone Celebration Etiquette

When it comes to the game of football, even those not enthused by the game can find some entertainment in the ritual known as the touchdown celebration. While most just come off as silly or kind of cool, throughout the season fans are treated to some laughably bad ones. We've put together a short guide that will hopefully help players avoid these mistakes in the future.

After catching his first touchdown of the season, the New England Patriots' personal Incredible Hulk, Rob Gronkowski, went for

The 7 Most Ridiculous Movie Character Overreactions

The cops then rush in and arrest the guy, violently wrestling him out of the room while Haley and the two runaways get away, smirking at their clever plan of accusing a man of a felony, likely putting him on a sex offender registry for the rest of his life and ruining his career.

Yeah, that looks like standard procedure.

But hey, they made it to the video game tournament!

Fitzgerald invites you to check out his friend's blog, whose life was recently changed by a brain tumor diagnosis. And

The 5 Most Easily Avoidable Movie Deaths

It's like at the last minute Maul completely lost his mind, or maybe had some kind of seizure. After managing to handle both Jedi at the same time without even a scratch, and getting Obi-Wan into that precarious position over the pit, what does he do?

He stands at the edge and starts mindlessly slashing his blade at the floor, like a kid who just got his first lightsaber. We're not kidding. This happens. He seriously just starts slapping the floor with it, to make sparks shoot up.

So he winds

7 Celebrities Who Had Badass Careers You Didn't Know About

What He Should Be Known For:

Aside from wanting to have a place in our hearts forever, Winchell was also interested in medicine and inventing shit. Among his patents were a flameless cigarette lighter, battery-heated gloves and an invisible garter.

The most famous design he had, however, wasn't for recreational purposes but for being alive purposes: The man designed the first artificial heart. With the help of Dr. Henry Heimlich--of "thank you for giving men a reason to grope women while maski


I have been fortunate enough to center my career around content creation. I also have years of experience being tapped to lead teams, and my aim is always to empower others to be themselves, strive for excellence, and be considerate of their team. I thrive in collaborative environments, but have no issue with taking the initiative and pushing forward on my own.

After graduation from Auburn, I moved to Atlanta and have called it home for over ten years. In my off hours, I enjoy spending time with my family, finding a good slice of pizza, and getting active outside.